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Here’s The National Trust’s position on Trail Hunting on its land:

“….. our charity was also established for the nation’s benefit and to provide the widest spectrum of public access and enjoyment. We therefore always look to welcome people to our places and to host the broadest range of outdoor activities on our land. We believe this should include trail ‘hunting’, where it is consistent with our conservation aims and is legally pursued.

And here’s its position on metal detecting on its land:

“….. we are unable to authorise metal detecting on National Trust land except in the most exceptional cases and only ever under a licence agreement issued by a National Trust Archaeologist, where it will further archaeological knowledge or protect archaeological remains. I am sorry therefore that we are unable to help you carry out metal detecting on our land as a hobby.”.

So trail hunting is allowed but metal detecting isn’t. Hardly a case of always looking to host “the broadest range of outdoor activities”. Many think it’s because the Trust has been infiltrated by a determined pro-hunting pressure group. Metal Detectorists do and are now talking of doing the same. That’s the risk if you let your founding principles slip, you no longer have a moral compass and hence are susceptible to outside influence.


Oh for a rudder…. or a moral compass! Yes Mr Cameron, of course we’ll support the Stonehenge short tunnel for you!


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