Doesn’t that very fact tell you that Highways England and its compliant “yes-bodies” are trying to sneak an outrageous scheme under the national and international radar?

Please turn up for a group photo if you possibly can just before 1.00pm to show your indignance and disgust. Britain is better than this, surely?



Meanwhile, this very day:

2h2 hours ago

Here’s to the movers, the shakers, the discovery makers, the poets, the performers and the social reformers. This , we want to know — which women from history inspire you?

How about the marvellous women (as well as men!) in the Stonehenge Alliance who are working tirelessly to prevent you damaging the Stonehenge World Heritage Site?! If they’re successful they’ll have made an enduring contribution to our heritage. That’s truly inspirational. Perhaps you’ll include them in your list?