Like countless roads the A303 near Stonehenge sometimes gets very congested. But what you never hear from Highways England and its yes-bodies and yes-men is that mostly it doesn’t!

Take this recent video footage (courtesy of Andy Rhind-Tutt on Twitter) of the stretch of road with the iconic view of the stones, the view that soon no-one will be allowed to see because they’ll be forced to drive into a £2 billion tunnel. As Andy says, the £2 billion might get you to Cornwall 8.5 minutes quicker but most likely it will get you there 0.0 minutes faster!

So what are the other advantages, given the horrible heritage downside? Well, it will give David Cameron more votes at the General Election, which was the whole point of announcing it, remember? Except that it won’t. He’s long gone and never mentions the subject. He recently said Brexit, which he brought about, was “a mistake not a disaster”. What’s the betting he secretly sees the Stonehenge tunnel proposal, which he also brought about, as a disaster not a mistake!