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They’re inviting proposals for new ways of remembering events, people and identities in the public realm.

Things that may have a long term beneficial effect.

Here’s ours. If all was well in Britain, we’d win the competition!


Larkhill, yesterday ….


….. but about what ???

…. that constructing new dual carriageways will greatly enhance the Stonehenge World Heritage Site ……


But you might also care to reflect that exactly 20 years ago some people said a new dual carriageway would enhance Twyford Down and one planning officer described it as “bold” and an “imaginative solution”.



Like countless roads the A303 near Stonehenge sometimes gets very congested. But what you never hear from Highways England and its yes-bodies and yes-men is that mostly it doesn’t!

Take this recent video footage (courtesy of Andy Rhind-Tutt on Twitter) of the stretch of road with the iconic view of the stones, the view that soon no-one will be allowed to see because they’ll be forced to drive into a £2 billion tunnel. As Andy says, the £2 billion might get you to Cornwall 8.5 minutes quicker but most likely it will get you there 0.0 minutes faster!

So what are the other advantages, given the horrible heritage downside? Well, it will give David Cameron more votes at the General Election, which was the whole point of announcing it, remember? Except that it won’t. He’s long gone and never mentions the subject. He recently said Brexit, which he brought about, was “a mistake not a disaster”. What’s the betting he secretly sees the Stonehenge tunnel proposal, which he also brought about, as a disaster not a mistake!

A Finds Liaison Officer has called us thieves: “As someone who I know is keen to mitigate the ‘theft’ of the historic environment, it would be a shame to show any sort of hypocrisy when it comes to theft of another’s digital content after all.” It’s nonsense. We’re perfectly entitled to have published a small part of an image that was already in the public domain. But what really upsets us is that we’ve been fighting massive information theft by detectorists since before most FLOs left school yet we’re falsely accused of theft whereas detectorists constantly publish PAS images with never a squeak of protest!

PAS might be better employed acting on this: Christopher Beasley: “our club has a contract with farmer only single find worth over 2 grand are to be shared with farmer. So theres no point in hideing your find on our group“. Let them find that club (we think we know which it is). Let them tell them the “arrangement” is greedy, exploitative and unfair. Let them tell all likeminded clubs the same and that henceforth they require letters from farmers confirming they’ve been shown all finds and there are no rip-off arrangements in place.

For the avoidance of all doubt: we are a non-profit making voluntary conservation body being threatened with a £200 publication charge yet we’ve stolen nothing and earned nothing while PAS’s “partners” have stolen massive amounts of heritage knowledge and earned tens of millions of pounds – as PAS knows very well! An apology from PAS Head Office would be nice.


A Wildlife Liaison Officer. Behaviour that’s a world away from his Finds equivalent.





Actually – there was one small A frame on the steps of Soc. Ant. stating the exhibition was on – unfortunately we were blocking it with our banners! A HE employee did come and move it off the steps at around 2 pm and placed it about 1 m away from the steps – agree it was not very visible. Most of the people we spoke to had no idea about the proposed tunnel, the exhibition or the arguments against it. There is a real need to tap into what would be huge support – or education of the facts – via twitter and other social media. I do as much as I can but I’m not a tweeter and can’t help on that score!

Nettie B Brown

Sent from Mail for Windows 10

Doesn’t that very fact tell you that Highways England and its compliant “yes-bodies” are trying to sneak an outrageous scheme under the national and international radar?

Please turn up for a group photo if you possibly can just before 1.00pm to show your indignance and disgust. Britain is better than this, surely?



Meanwhile, this very day:

2h2 hours ago

Here’s to the movers, the shakers, the discovery makers, the poets, the performers and the social reformers. This , we want to know — which women from history inspire you?

How about the marvellous women (as well as men!) in the Stonehenge Alliance who are working tirelessly to prevent you damaging the Stonehenge World Heritage Site?! If they’re successful they’ll have made an enduring contribution to our heritage. That’s truly inspirational. Perhaps you’ll include them in your list?

Stonehenge Alliance via Campaigns by You (

Dear Supporter,

You probably heard that last month Highways England launched its consultation on their final plans for a £1.6bn Expressway and tunnel.

As expected it will plough through the chalk landscape of Stonehenge World Heritage Site. The mock ups show prettily-designed “green” coverings over concrete tunnel entrances and bridges, and a “disappearing road”.

The plans however include a flyover, double interchange, slip roads and 40ft-deep cuttings.  All this engineering will profoundly scar and deform this iconic ancient landscape forever. 

The future of the World Heritage status may be in jeopardy. This loss would not only include Stonehenge but Avebury as well since it ispart of the same World Heritage Site.

We are in danger of sleep walking into an international scandal if we allow this disastrous scheme to go ahead.

The sole chance outside Wiltshire to see what’s planned for Stonehenge WHS is this Thursday 8th March at the Society of Antiquaries, Burlington House (Royal Academy courtyard), Piccadilly, London W1J 0BE.  Can you join us, our President Tom Holland and our Chairman George McDonic MBE, at 1pm to show your disgust at the desecration of our national treasure?

Demonstration details here.

Consultation closes on 6th April. If you possibly can, please object today!

If you cannot attend, we have suggested responses to Highways England’s online questionnaire and short proforma here

Thank you once again, and we hope to meet those of you that can make it on Thursday!

Best wishes,

The Stonehenge Alliance

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Stonehenge Alliance started this campaign on the 38 Degrees Campaigns by You website. If there’s an issue close to your heart that you’d like to campaign on, you can start your campaign here.


“Trump signs resolution to permit dumping mining waste into waterways!”



A spokesman for the National Trust (might have) said:

Well he’s looking after the waterways forever,  for everyone so he’s obviously doing it for the best!

Some British detectorist super brains have been debating how many rallies or club digs you can have on a field before it becomes not worth detecting. What they mean is how long before the archaeological record has been destroyed. The answer seems to vary between a few times and many but they all understand  it will happen sooner or later and not one of them ever, ever expresses remorse. That’s why we think they and their hobby are a disgrace.

Coincidentally, another complainant, Paul Barford, highlighted yesterday how whole sites abroad have been completely destroyed by collecting activity. Such things are made far worse of course when archaeologists act as cheerleaders and defenders of the process or even encourage it by pretending it isn’t happening, hence the title of his article: “Archaeologists Getting Comfy with Site Eroders“….

Of course, that’s abroad, it’s not like that in Britain, one of the countries that invented conservation. We wish! Britain has invested millions in the Portable Antiquities Scheme, something which records a tiny proportion of detecting finds and keeps quiet about the fact that in so doing it provides a cover for the non-reporting of the great majority of finds. That, in itself, would be bad enough. But why oh why must PAS so rarely express opposition to the depletion of sites by those who mine the same fields over and over again? Why doesn’t the Code of Practice forbid it? Why aren’t they asking the Government to say “only one rally per field, ever?” Why are PAS archaeologists invariably Getting Comfy with Site Eroders“….

And why, for heavens sake, do they backslap at mass, repeated rallies and constantly smile at detectorists as if they approve of what they’re doing when they don’t?


Update 5 March 2018

Here we had an image of a FLO smiling at a Finds Day. Well not a FLO smiling, we blanked out the FLO and left only the smile! We were told to take it down to avoid further action. We don’t think there were grounds for action or for complying but we have removed it for a quiet life. Also because it serves to illustrate something we’ve long experienced and pointed out about PAS: people who exploit archaeology for their own benefit always get broad smiles and praise. People who strive for 20 years for conservation get treated with hostility.

Another Update

We’ve had a further claim from the FLO that we were in the wrong. We prefer Paul Barford’s statement: “Now, personally I take the view also that the photo was there for the purpose of valid comment and is in the public domain here (note, no credits are given to the photographer on the Colchester and Ipswich Museums website, nor indeed in the records they incorporate into the PASD).”

PLUS we altered the image so radically there’s zero chance we’ve done anything wrong.

But that’s not now our main beef. It’s this from the FLO: “As someone who I know is keen to mitigate the ‘theft’ of the historic environment, it would be a shame to show any sort of hypocrisy when it comes to theft of another’s digital content after all.” So we’re hypocrites and thieves, we who have been fighting daily against the widespread knowledge theft on the part of PAS’s “partners” since before most FLOs left school!    Amazing.






March 2018

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