Latest news: “Sale of ivory to be banned in the UK as part of government plan to help protect elephants”

Public sentiment and legislation opposing animal cruelty are all moving in one direction. So how much longer will the Trust persist in pretending trail hunting is innocuous under pressure from the Countryside Alliance? It should take a look around, the world has moved on and it is looking more foolish by the day …


“That bloke is defending the indefensible!”

The Trust says it believes this from the Countryside Alliance: “Live quarry species naturally live in the countryside, so on occasion, the hounds may pick up the scent. If this occurs, the huntsman and other members of hunt staff stop the hounds as soon as they are made aware that the hounds are no longer following a trail that has been laid.” But it’s not true, as is demonstrated on numerous occasions.

So the public is entitled to ask why is an organisation as respectable and venerable as the National Trust supporting what it must know is a false statement and is it thereby abandoning its claim to respectability?