Remember how English Heritage planned to disfigure the base of Clifford’s Tower in York with this awful overblown cash cow?


But as we suggested at the time: being a guardian doesn’t make you an owner, you’re far more lowly than that – and you should listen to people other than yourself. Now, two years later they have done so:  a new director for the north of England, Andrea Selley, has been listening to the views of the local community and it was clear that many people love the shape of the mound and disliked the thought of its circumference being broken.

So maybe ordinary people had a stronger appreciation of aesthetics and appropriate guardianship than many English Heritage experts? Which begs the question, if ordinary people have a better instinctive idea than “experts” of what’s right in York maybe English Heritage should ask itself if the same thing may apply to the Stonehenge landscape? Maybe the opponents of the scheme there aren’t ill informed even if they’ve never conducted a dig there. Maybe they’re simply right.