We were formed on 26 July 2003 (at The Uffington White Horse) …..


Since then we’ve featured many hundreds of threatened sites but we felt there was just one we ought to cover on our birthday – Stonehenge. Maybe you’re confused by differing accounts of the short tunnel. But actually it’s very simple, there are just three things you need to know:


1. The World Heritage Committee has just said: “The construction of four-lane highways in cuttings at either end of the tunnel would adversely and irreversibly impact on the integrity, authenticity and Outstanding Universal Value (OUV) of the WHS”.
2. The Government, Highways England, English Heritage, Historic England and The National Trust are ignoring them.
3. Tom Holland has encapsulated the future consequences:
“I get that people may feel this isn’t very important compared to Trump, Brexit, etc. But I predict that the desecration of the Stonehenge landscape, if we permit it, will echo down the centuries far more loudly than anything in the headlines today.”


That’s all. If you hear anything to the contrary you should treat it with grave suspicion. It will be to facilitate a road not to protect or enhance the Stonehenge World Heritage landscape. How could it be otherwise?