The Stonehenge Alliance points out that the a Parliamentary Committee has wondered when“biased but legitimate commentary” shades into “propaganda and lies”. But we wonder if “biased but legitimate” can ever be acceptable for a public body dealing with Stonehenge? It sounds like propaganda to us – or worse. (Put “yowling” in our search bar to see what we mean.)

If you didn’t know you’d think bodies with names like Historic England, English Heritage and The National Trust were on the side of the Stonehenge Landscape. But no, they’ve repeatedly spun and distorted the truth in order to persuade the public that a too-short tunnel is adequate – so even their names are fake news!

BTW, there’s now a 2nd consultation (to comment, go here). Isn’t that in itself an attempt to deliver fake news – because you may be sure, the response to the first was so negative it needed to be buried under a second one!