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A message on Upton Upon Severn village Facebook: “EARN BETWEEN £200 AND £1000 CASH per day” by allowing metal detecting on your land. They’ll “record any treasure trove items to British museum” but crucially there’s no mention of the other 99.9% of recordable finds. So make no mistake: it’s an attempt to buy access that will result in extensive cultural knowledge theft.

And it’s not just Upton. The company behind it, Let’s Go Digging, is massive and currently has 10 identical appeals to other communities on Facebook alone, including at Avebury (Heaven help us!).

Let PAS take note: THAT’s how you do effective outreach to farmers. It’s called taking a professional, 21st Century approach to communicating and giving a strong, unmistakeable message. If only they hadn’t spent all those years ignoring our constant pleas for them to give their message in full page adverts in the press then they’d be winning the conservation war, not him. We look forward to them messaging those ten Facebook pages and a large number of others imminently.


Upton Upon Severn, Middle England, site of the Battle of Upton, home to five famous music festivals, current Britain in Bloom National Gold Medallist and nominated by the Sunday Times as one of the best places in Britain to live. But as they have a shortage of sufficient residents willing to steal cultural knowledge from the surrounding fields one of them is going to import hundreds of people in cammo gear to do it.


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