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What good are Autumn colours at night? The answer is clear.


Last Saturday the National Trust Chairman said “we will only support a scheme that protects the outstanding universal value of the World Heritage Site”.  That sounded fine but he failed to tell his audience that UNESCO says the scheme does not protect that very thing! What the Trust is supporting – but almost never mentions – is the complete removal from sight of what Lord Adonis, previous Secretary of State for Transport has just called “the most striking, historic vista on any road in Britain”. Let’s repeat it: the most striking, historic vista on any road in Britain.

We should stress, since the tunnel advocates never have, that for most people that view is actually the most cherished element of the Stonehenge landscape for it is visual access, enjoyed, free, for thousands of years by countless more millions than have paid or will in future have to pay to visit the Stones. Yet both it and therefore Stonehenge itself will be rendered invisible by the tunnel for most people. For them, Autumn colours will only be seen at night. For an organisation with the watchwords for ever for everyone to support such a thing is outrageous, there are no other words to describe it.


October 2018

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