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.To Dr Isabelle Anatole-Gabriel, Head of Europe and North America Unit, UNESCO WH Centre:

Dear Dr Anatole-Gabriel,

We are a group of concerned people who run the The Heritage Journal on which short comments are published by contributors on issues of concern relating to archaeology and the historic environment.

We believe it is wrong that the current plans for a tunnel at Stonehenge would result in the loss of the ancient view of the stones from the A303, described recently by Lord Adonis as “the most striking, historic vista on any road in Britain.” We submit that this view which has informed and inspired millions of travellers for many centuries comprises a form of visual access, often the only one that many individuals will ever experience, and as such is of incalculable cultural significance.

Accordingly, may we propose that the importance of the view should be reflected in it being considered for inclusion in the list of intangible attributes of the outstanding universal value of the World Heritage Site and thereby given maximum protection?

Alternatively, do you feel, as we do, that the view is already embraced by Attribute no.7 – “The influence of the remains of Neolithic and Bronze Age funerary and ceremonial monuments and their landscape settings on architects, artists, historians and others” – particularly as “others” comprise millions of passing travellers, each enjoying their own unique benefit. 



October 2018

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