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The 6 academics including from PAS who recently sought to downplay Dr Sam Hardy’s conclusions have “clarified” their astounding claim that non-reporting isn’t damaging: “We feel that our paper too has been misrepresented in reactions elsewhere on the internet.” “It should be obvious that it was not intended to propagate a liberal, ‘pro-detecting’ viewpoint”

No, it’s not obvious! On the contrary, saying non-reporting isn’t damaging is supporting the very worst of detectorists! It can’t even be dismissed as an isolated mistake for a Finds Liaison Officer has just repeated it: archaeological evidence unreported by detectorists is “not necessarily being destroyed, rather extant but unknown“..

What the hell is going on? Is this a final shift in position? For 20 years, instead of condemning non-recording (and stressing to the Government that it’s rife) PAS has embraced, liaised, engaged, backslapped, bootlicked and flattered those who do it in the hope they’ll desist. Having finally seen they have failed (as Dr Sam Hardy has shown) are they excusing it? If PAS is soon to be wound up by the Government is this the message that will be broadcast – it doesn’t matter because the great majority we haven’t persuaded don’t do any harm?



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