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Everyone knows the hillfort’s setting is in peril but few know of Whittington, 3 miles away. For 2 years “Metal Detecting Holidays” has run 16 tours based there, mainly for Americans (paying £1,499 each). They say they “register older finds with PAS” but PAS’s map, below, shows only 7 finds at Whittington and very few in the surrounding area (and none of the finds showcased in the press by the company).


But shouldn’t about 300 Americans searching 12 days each have found about 2,500 recordable finds? Any suggestions dear Reader?



Meanwhile, back at the surroundings of poor, unlucky Oswestry’s hillfort detecting is banned! Here’s the CBA’s Director surveying the no entry signs…..

If detecting was banned to ensure no important archaeology comes to light those involved needn’t have bothered. Mostly such evidence isn’t reported! Sad, isn’t it, that our country self-harms so comprehensively yet finances a quango that denies it! Maybe post-Brexit there’ll be no money not just for things like the NHS but also for follies.



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