Few can be unaware of the massive world wide efforts The Stonehenge Alliance has made for so long to prevent further damage to Stonehenge. Not because they are paid. Not because they have a vested interest. Purely because they believe it is right that this generation shouldn’t bequeath a damaged Stonehenge landscape to future generations, long after they and all of us have passed away.

There are few more worthy – or taxing – struggles and there is no more vivid illustration of their dedication than appeared this morning: the deadline for registering to object was midnight last night and they could be forgiven for taking a well earned rest. Yet here they are at 9.00am this morning tweeting that they’re at the  Planning Inspectorate’s office waiting for it to open!


We’re now in the Planning Inspectorate’s waiting room. In roughly a fortnight we will know how many representations were compliant. But the signs so far is that our World Wide Team #SaveStonehenge has done rather well. THANK YOU everyone who has objected and supported us thus far.