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On this day 61 years ago, The Quarrymen performed at the Cavern Club, Liverpool. One of their members went on to write a song with relevance to the current plight of Stonehenge. So ….


Imagine ….
A private individual building a wall to hide a much loved national monument and then charging people to see it.


Or Imagine ….
Someone from English Heritage breaking into The Tate and stealing this painting by John Constable and then charging people to see it.


Unimaginable? Yet EH wants to block the free view from the very spot where both Constable and Turner stood and then to charge people to see it! And you can be sure it’s been a long-held ambition for here are the words of their Chairman in 1995, ruminating on the fact they may have been “losing” more than £500,000 a year [vastly more now!] simply from the free view available on the A303… “There is considerable interest among private lenders…. After all, there is already a revenue stream, and you don’t need much imagination to see how it might increase sharply.

And that’s how we’ve arrived at this unimagineable position.


January 2019

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