For some time we’ve likened the distortions of the pro-short tunnel lobby to the sound of “yowling moggies” (see them all here). Now it’s clear there was a 34th one dropped into the press over three years ago:

  • “In an email, seen by the BBC, Highways England suggests a southern bypass route would be “considered” as part of the “design consultation” phase of the upgrade.”
  • In a statement, Highways England said: “As part of our public engagement we are committed to considering the alternative routes that are being suggested and will look at these as part of our engagement work.”

It’s now clear, three years later, that was just tokenism with no serious intent. Consequently the cost of that “insincere research” can be added to the vast sums Chris Grayling has wasted while in power – recently estimated at £2.7 billion – an amount which could have gone towards a longer tunnel!