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The Weekend Wanderers detecting club founder has just complained about proposed Treasure Act reform: I strongly disagree with a single gold coin being classified as treasure. For a coin worth thousands, you’re not going to get the good price for it anymore, so that’s a disincentive to sell it through the proper means”.

No prizes for guessing what that means. Some (many?) detectorists will break the law and secretly sell finds privately, thereby depriving Society of its entitlement. Paul Barford sums it up rather well, voicing what every single archaeologist and archaeological organisation thinks (but doesn’t say in public) and demonstrating exactly why urgent reform IS needed:

“Speaks for all greedy, grabby oiks out there. The archaeological record belongs to us all, and it should not be ‘finders keepers'”


[ Lest anyone doubt this is the 18th threat, here are the other 17….
1. Don’t criticise us or we’ll stop reporting. 2. Don’t tell us what to do or we’ll stop reporting. 3. Don’t undertake surveys of nighthawking else we’ll stop reporting. 4. Don’t let PAS dominate us else we’ll stop reporting. 5. Don’t reduce PAS’s funding else we’ll stop reporting. 6. Don’t impose a Code of Responsible Detecting else we’ll stop reporting. 7. Don’t discuss licensing us else we’ll stop reporting. 8. Don’t ban inappropriate rallies else we’ll stop reporting. 9. Don’t impose restrictions under stewardship schemes else we’ll stop reporting. 10. Don’t tighten up EBay else we’ll stop reporting. 11. Don’t ever, ever, ever short change us on the Treasure rewards else we’ll stop reporting. 12. Don’t abate our Treasure rewards for not calling an archie out else we’ll stop reporting. 13. Don’t talk of using some of our Treasure rewards to finance proper excavations else we’ll stop reporting. 14. Don’t write to farmers without us dictating what is to be said else we’ll stop reporting. 15. Don’t extend the items covered by the Treasure Act beyond exactly what we say else we’ll stop reporting. 16. Don’t suggest giving PAS a percentage of Treasure rewards else we’ll stop reporting 17. Don’t suggest FLOs charge us for their services such as attendance at rallies else we’ll stop reporting. ]


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