The nasty (and let’s leave him nameless) detectorist and website owner who wanted to make all detectorists aware of our Chairman’s photograph and home address for obvious reasons ….

“I have photos of him …. I’m anxious to let anybody who wants them, have them…. if he is frightened for his own safety he should have considered his actions …. Throw the shyster to the dogs”

and only desisted after being spoken to by the police, has now turned his bile onto Britain’s two main archaeological charities – The Council for British Archaeology and Rescue, The British Archaeological Trust, threatening them with all sorts of bad stuff for maintaining that metal detecting is a net problem for Britain….

  • “a charity campaigning to restrict the rights of others might very well find itself in very hot water.”
  • “Were a complaint to be made to the Charity Commissioners and subsequently upheld that “… detriment or harm…” was or could be caused to that particular pastime and/or its devotees, the offending charity may well find itself in serious trouble.”
  • “Penalties are harsh and can lead to forfeiture of charitable status and associated fiscal benefits.”

He then lists the contact details of various charity regulators in the hope no doubt that his followers, not him, will act accordingly (see the pattern?). Somehow, we doubt they will. Or, if they do, that the Charity Commissioners won’t find it hilarious.


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