The previous 34 yowling moggies (i.e. the sound of truth being tortured) show the pro-tunnel agencies bending reality to justify inflicting massive new damage on the Stonehenge landscape against UNESCO’s wishes. Mr Hunter of Highways England has outdone them all, telling the world: “What we have shown, what archaeological remains there are, are nothing that one wouldn’t expect. As the World Heritage Site goes they are a bit on the dull side.”

For his information, the Stonehenge Landscape contains the densest concentration of prehistoric sites in Europe. Wherever archaeologists look, they find. Recently hundreds of new features have been found including 17 previously unknown circles, mounds and pits, a Neolithic causewayed enclosure and a unique double henge.

And the basis of his “a bit on the dull side” claim? 514 trial ditches and 1,800 test pits, (many not on the line of the proposed access roads), perhaps totalling 10,000 square feet out of the 1,500,000 square feet they intend to tear out of the landscape – so a derisory 0.66% sample! To then imply to the public who pay their wages that only “dull” archaeology will be lost is a national scandal.