Dear Fellow Landowners,

Blimey! All I said yesterday was we farmers should ensure detectorists have been vetted. A number of detectorists have responded with fury! They say they don’t need vetting as detecting is a matter of trust! So priests, doorstep salesmen and doctors need vetting but not them! And warnings to the public not to let unverified people into their houses (or computers) doesn’t apply to strangers searching your fields for your property!

Funny, isn’t it, how a blindingly simple suggestion by a notional octogenarian farmer has instantly exposed a truth – for show me a person who resists being vetted and I’ll show you a person who needs vetting! Oh, and I now hear PAS says it can’t do the vetting as they don’t know most detectorists personally. Which begs the question: why have they spent 20 years implying to farmers almost all detectorists are fine to have on their fields?

Would any PAS employee, including their top man, have “Wayne from Wigan, no exact address” searching unsupervised in their back gardens? No? Why not?!

Silas Brown
Grunters Hollow


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