Here are two travellers, let’s call them Joseph and Benjamin, enjoying a view of Stonehenge, in about 1885. For Free.

A few decades later their grandsons, Joey and Ben (plus a host of other visitors from all over the world) began to PAY to see that view. Currently it’s nearly £20 for the right to park and to take a trip on a small crowded bus with Step into England’s story on the side in very curly writing to remind you its historical!

But England’s Story doesn’t end there, it’s to be diminished, for soon it seems gt. gt. gt. grandsons Jay and Benj, off to Cornwall for surfing with no time to stop – and millions like them – will never see the stones at all! How is that progress? And how, if millions and eventually tens of millions won’t ever see the stones, is that not theft?

What’s happened to the old fashioned moral imperative to simply do what’s right by people both now and in the future? Quangoed?