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When it comes to metal detecting, the pity of it is twofold: unlike egg collecting it’s a one way process, what’s taken stays taken, and unlike egg collecting Britain doesn’t try to stop it – and even tells the public it can be “responsible”!
We’ve been complaining about knowledge theft through non-reporting for 20 years now and the problem persists: today alone over 800 recordable finds won’t be reported and the knowledge they contain will thereby be stolen. Lest you doubt it, listen to the proprietor of a large detecting forum who boasts to his readers I don’t record and (just this week) I own what I findand ….
“If you want to show the world that your a great guy by making the right noises about recording, you go for it. I’ll carry on calling things as I see them and for the most part, detectorists are hypocrites. They spew forth the mantra of showing the farmers everything they find, but they are selective in what they show the farmer. they spew forth the mantra of recording, but they are selective in what they record. if you think that they way forward is to promote hypocrisy then you have my pity.”
So, while PAS tells the world the vast majority of detectorists are “responsible”, Mr xxxxxxx, who is perfectly placed to judge, says no, “for the most part” detectorists are “selective” in both what they show the farmer and what they record. That’s the pity of it.


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