Sometimes the pro-tunnel rhetoric is personal:
Neither Dan Snow [just awarded an MBE for services to History] nor Tom Holland [author, classicist, historian and broadcaster] are “experts on Stonehenge archaeology or the Stonehenge tunnel” and “The Stonehenge Alliance [founded by Lord Kennet and now chaired by George MDonic MBE, BL, DIPLTP, FRTPI, DPA, FFB] acts like the archaeological wing of Donald Trump’s social media campaign

And sometimes it’s simply farcical:
At the recent hearing the Examining Authority asked “What about the Romans? Did they not build roads?” Seriously? Is that simplistic, populist question appropriate from a supposedly impartial body? Yes, the Romans built roads. They also had crucifixions. What is your point?

Fortunately, The Stonehenge Alliance’s President dispatched the question so neatly it will surely never be posed again:

“Indeed they did, and for a number of reasons. To serve the needs of speedy transport, of course; but there was much more to the driving of these great gashes of stone across conquered landscapes than that. They were designed as statements of possession: expressions of the power of the Roman state to do what it wished to conquered territory, to erase primordial identities, to rub the noses of the conquered in the brute fact of their submission. What I should have said at the time (and so will say now instead) is that to compare the Stonehenge Tunnel to a Roman road is indeed the measure of just how terrible a thing it threatens to be.”