A clear thinking farmer has decided Wayne from Wolverhampton who he’s never met but who wants the run of his fields, would benefit from a spot of mistrust (because, he says, “its all too easy to slip a small silver into your back pocket and forget its there”), so has laid out some rules:

  • He has to be there
  • Anything silver or above stays on the farm
  • Anything he deems as interesting stays on the farm.

Detectorists, to a man, are appalled: “I wouldn’t bother”, “Try somewhere else”, “I would not entertain it”, “I prefer permissions where everything is done on a trust basis”, “steer clear of this bloke”, “I`d have laughed and kicked the nearest chicken showing my contempt”, “he obviously has some trust issues”.

It’s all very strange from people who are there purely for love of History. Of the many tens of thousands of amateur archaeologists in Britain, not a single one would mind being supervised! Why the difference?


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