A developer’s agent is pitching yet again for more houses to be built near Oswestry Hillfort and has come up with the worst claim yet: “In the 2,800 years of the Hill fort’s existence, there have been very significant changes to its hinterland.  It is difficult to predict what the setting of the Hill Fort will be in 500 or 1,000 years’ time but it is fairly certain that the impact of this development will be superseded in time and its impact is theoretically reversible.”

Get it? In a thousand years the damage will disappear – in fact it will reverse!

It’s fine to fill that gap – it will be restored after a thousand years!

It’s to be hoped that such nonsense is dismissed, and in particular that the pro-short tunnel advocates at Stonehenge aren’t inspired to say the grievous damage they are supporting will self-heal in a thousand years. It won’t.