Their latest latest is bizarre: “We’ve already conducted surveys over the past couple of years which has helped us draw up the preliminary design of the scheme. Really? But surely if you’d truly attempted to minimise damage helped by the surveys the new roads would either have been planned to follow the existing one or to bend this way and that. How could it be otherwise?


Yet the new roads are NOT on the line of the old road at all, and as for bending this way and that to avoid damage, here’s their own image of what they plan:

Isn’t that simply the shortest (and cheapest) route between two points? Yet again Highways England’s PR department seems to have caught itself out. It’s almost as if their boss was Chris Grayling.



A yowling moggy is the sound of the truth being tortured. Surely no country would serve up 36 yowling moggies at a place like Stonehenge? Well, here they are. You decide.