Following our recent complaint that the Staffordshire Hoard is still being looted, someone has pointed out “there’s security there so don’t distort the truth”. Well, we know about the “security” and photographed this single notice 6 years ago:


It post dated our revelation that nighthawking was going on and simply said: “this site is being monitored” – which, we’re willing to bet, meant an occasional drive by by a security officer. Not a lot of use on a dark night in a field high above the road and hence invisible from it and when manufacturers have given oiks the ability to mute the sound and light from their detectors. And of course, it disappeared very soon and hasn’t re-appeared.

Perhaps we need to point out that this is the site of the world’s greatest Anglo Saxon assemblage.


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July 2019

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Someone stole the security company’s sign? A rival firm or a nose-thumbing nighthawk? How come nobody noticed and replaced it?

It was erected some time after our Spring 2013 complaints and the image of it was taken later that year (when the crop had just come off and nighthawking would have become viable again and the notice had been obscured by willowherb.) It wasn’t really visible from the road due to all the summer plant growth (and there are hundreds of yards of entry points from which it couldn’t be seen anyway). So during the time it might have been visible nighthawking wasn’t happening and when it wasn’t it probably was!

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