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By Nigel Swift

Recently I revisited the Staffordshire Hoard field. I could see nothing untoward as it was still in crop and any digging would be concealed.

Soon however it will be ploughed and that’s when any new nighthawking activities will be obvious (footsteps and holes). I now live a long way from there and find it hard to visit as often but it crosses my mind that there are thousands of good people in the area who would be able to monitor the site. There is every reason to do so – see here (and loads more here).

In addition I hope the members of the following local amateur archaeology groups will help. There would be no more important project for them. Please pass this plea on.

Birmingham and Warwickshire Archaeological Society
Coventry and District Archaeological Society
Shropshire Archaeological and Historical Society
Staffordshire Archaeological and Historical Society
Worcestershire Archaeological Society
North Worcestershire Archaeology Group
South Worcestershire Archaeological Group
Oswestry & Border History & Archaeology
Kenilworth History and Archaeology Society
Kidderminster and District Archaeological and Historical Society

Please look for something like this.

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