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The State of Nature report has painted a devastating picture for Britain. 25% of moths and 20% of butterflies are now lost and a quarter of mammals and a fifth of plants face extinction. The Trust has responded appropriately. Rosie Hails their Nature and Science Director has said:

“we need to pull together with actions rather than words. We need a strong new set of environmental laws to hold our governments and others to account and to set long-term and ambitious targets.”

We agree. But is it seemly that at the time our largest landowner is expressing such concern for wildlife it is also allowing trail hunting – which it knows can result in foxes being “accidentally” pursued and killed?

Our clear, robust, and transparent set of conditions will allow participants to undertake a version of this legal activity that’s compatible with our conservation aims.”    So is anyone in the Trust capable of explaining what it means by both  “conservation” and “compatible with”?

A comment in response:

Steve Miller
“Trail hunting is a con. It was invented in 2005 as a means to circumvent the Hunting Act enabling numerous “accidents” to befall wildlife. The Trust is fully aware of this having been sent evidence over the years. The Trust is aware that the way this activity is undertaken involves illegality.”

Indeed. Isn’t it beneath the dignity of the National Trust to persist in supporting this blatant falsehood which is opposed by 89% of the general public merely to please its own pro-hunting members? Where’s Integrity?

And another comment ….

Wal King
“There is nothing accidental in hunts killing foxes, deer and hares. I hadn’t seen a hunt in years until I saw them flush a fox out of a woodyard and chase it down the road. It was then that I became interested in anti-hunt movements as I’d considered hunting abhorrent from when I first learnt of it as a child. And it is abhorrent.

There is far too much evidence to deny that hunting continues and that it does, only brings our authorities into disrepute for not stopping it and encouraging the criminals engaged in it. And the National Trust most certainly knows this to be the case. The current board are duplicitous in aiding criminal activity, their day of reckoning long overdue.

We seem to be able to jail people for non-payment of TV licences, but criminals killing OUR wildlife and assaulting anyone who tries to stop them continually get away scot free. What a backward nation we are.”


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