Beware of letting someone else cast your vote! 6,700 people did just that at the 2017 National Trust AGM and surprise, surprise the Chairman used their votes to support the short tunnel scheme. He did much the same that day to oppose a ban on Trail Hunting on Trust land.

Now it has happened a third time! At the recent 2019 AGM he used 4,327 discretionary votes to support a continuation of the Trust’s partnership with Cadburys – despite the Cadbury’s Easter Egg scandal – which @NatTrustArch described as “Utterly appalling.” So there’s a clear pattern: like trail hunting and the short tunnel, Cadbury’s has been given undeserved support by the Trust management’s deployment of discretionary votes.

Of such murkiness is the continued existence of the short tunnel project built. The Government has said the Trust’s support for the short tunnel was “pivotal” so if the destruction does go ahead, in the teeth of opposition from UNESCO, it will certainly have been built upon the less than praiseworthy actions of the National Trust management.