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On this day 15 years ago the Speaker invoked the Parliament Act bringing an end to foxhunting in England and Wales yet two members of the Kimberwick Hunt (including their President) have just been convicted of animal cruelty having been filmed pulling a fox out of an artificial earth  by the tail before sending hounds after it. A local said: The footage is sickening and has shown the rest of the country what most of us who live in the Kimblewick hunt’s country already know: so-called ‘trail hunting’ really entails hunting foxes as before the ban”.

On the other hand, the National Trust tells everyone it has imposed controls which preclude cruelty. Really? Are their rangers always there, deep in every wood? It’s to be hoped that at the next AGM in less than a year the Membership will call a halt to this management doublespeak. But in the meantime there’s something else which could be done…

The Countryside Alliance’s has a risk assessment template for hunts saying a vet must attend (presumably in case horses or hounds are hurt). The vets must abide by their own Code of Professional Conduct – to ensure animals have “minimum stress” and to prioritise animal welfare “whatever the circumstances“. But foxes are animals too! Shouldn’t The National Trust insist any foxes “accidentally” hurt in trail hunts on its land will get full veterinary treatment in line with the vet’s own Code of Conduct?

Not to do so would signal they were cruelty-enablers and guilty of hypocrisy on an epic scale. Heaven forfend!



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