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A group of bikers spent a pleasant afternoon at their national icon…

It won’t happen again. For one thing, these days they wouldn’t be allowed to bring their bikes. For another, English Heritage would charge them a total of £625 to stand just there (or £1,550 to go inside the stones!) So what’s behind the change? Clearly, it’s because English Heritage has been given a monopoly and so is free to charge as much as the market will bear.

But people DO have an alternative, of sorts, which monopolies hate. Get rid of that and the demand – and the price – will continue to rise. You can view the stones for free from a distance, without paying a penny and, coincidentally or not, English Heritage is working flat out to hide that free view enjoyed by millions of people forever as part of the hugely damaging short tunnel scheme.

Anyone care to guess the price they’ll charge to see the stones in five years if their monopoly on even seeing Stonehenge becomes absolute?

Update: We have received a Comment from paulintheswimhotmailcom which adds to the story. He explains that it is The National Trust which will share the monopoly (EH owning the monument and NT owning the land surrounding it) and The National Trust is ALSO supporting the short tunnel scheme!



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