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All the press needed to report was that “a condition is included in any forthcoming planning consent to secure the investigation and recording of the archaeology.” But they added this nonsense: “Archaeologists are warning that an area earmarked for 100 new homes needs to be checked for artefacts before building begins. Cross Road, Deal, is near to a historic goldmine, owing to the discovery of an Iron Age warrior during excavations in the eighties.” 

It’s now certain that nighthawks will be attracted and will steal as many artefacts as they can. The article even includes a map for their convenience …


.  .                                 Goldmine


How sad that PAS is keen to tell journalists that nearly all detectorists are living marvels but neglects to stress that many looters are constantly looking for targets. And all because they’re frit that Wayne, Olly, and Baz will take umbrage.


Coincidentally, Paul Barford has today highlighted a similar issue. Writing about a Treasure Act prosecution he pointed out some press misinformation and asked: “When are the PAS going to arrange information sessions for the British press so we see less of this nonsense?”


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