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An extraordinary 86% of detectorists on the Minelab forum said they supported Brexit (far higher than any constituency in the country). The reason is clear. Apart from the unmentionable obvious, detectorists have long feared Europe would get Britain to regulate what they do. Not now though, exploitation is safe.

Plus, as a bonus, Europe’s environmental stewardship payments, much hated as restricting their activities, will now end, leaving tens of thousands of protected acres available for unregulated detecting once again. There’ll be dancing in the back room of the Pig and Whistle:




But there’s a huge upside for those who see themselves as European:

In Europe The Assembly’s wish for further legislative control of detecting will no longer be obstructed by a single foolish country.

In Europe any further international conferences held by PAS praising themselves and laissez-faire detecting won’t be heeded.

The British inspired European Council for Metal Detecting will be dead in the water (for who in Europe will now listen to the Brits?)

No national museum within Europe will be telling landowners the wicked lie that metal detecting is  “citizen archaeology”. 


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