Our friends at Clonehenge have announced a new competition!

Announcing the Clonehenge Group Henging Contest! (Participation is voluntary.) The deadline will be March 1, but if it turns out we need to we can push it further. Anyone who wants to participate would make Stonehenge out of found objects or trash (or both), any size, and post pictures to our Facebook group. We’re not going to make a lot of rules and if someone varies a little from the materials mentioned, we’re likely to turn a blind eye. The one solid rule is no henges from pre-made kits.

The point is to make the Stonehenge you feel inspired to make. Depending what we get, we’ll figure out winning categories. Funniness counts, of course, but accurate ones that aren’t funny will also be valued. If you go for beauty instead, we will enjoy that, too. You will no doubt come up with things we would never think of. We live for that.

You can make it as Stonehenge may have been when it was complete or Stonehenge as it is now, or some portion of either. Lone trilithons are okay if that’s how the spirit moves you, but it’s harder to win that way.

Remember, curved lintels on the outer circle are the way to my heart. I have seen enough Spinal Tap references in the last 12 years to last me ten lifetimes so if you go there, don’t count on me. But I won’t be the only judge.

Ready, set, start your henges!

No mention yet of any prize, but it should be interesting seeing how creative people can be! Will you be entering?