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“Officials have promised the project will avoid important archaeological sites and will not spoil the view of the setting sun from Stonehenge during the winter solstice.”


1.  And who defines “important“? It’s Highways England’s PR department who have repeatedly proved themselves unreliable witnesses, determined to deliver the tunnel, not the truth, at all costs. Of course important archaeological features would be lost, perhaps numbered in thousands – why wouldn’t they, in Europe’s most important prehistoric landscape?

If they’re telling the truth let Highways England publish a detailed inventory of all the archaeology which lies in the path of the access roads. A truthful body would do so. But they won’t because they can’t.

2.  And it “will not spoil the view of the setting sun from Stonehenge during the winter solstice”? Well, as an aside, Historic England wanted to do exactly that and were forced to change the route by those who gave a damn about it!

But it’s far worse than that: they are crowing to the public that the solstice sunset will still be visible but they aren’t admitting that Stonehenge won’t! The free view of the monument will be hidden from millions of travellers who will only be able to see it if they pay nearly £20 to English Heritage!



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