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Following our complaint yesterday about the stupidity and greed which has led the Detectival organisers to not cancel their event, three hours later they issued this statement:

“We have been waiting for the UK Government to release its latest advice [really? Why? Morons – Ed.], which they did Thursday afternoon. It is now clear that this outbreak isn’t going to last just a couple of weeks [that’s been known for months – Ed.] but is going to be an unprecedented long-haul challenge over the coming months.

As responsible event organisers and in line with our company values, the health and wellbeing of all those who attend our events is our priority [Oh really?! – Ed.].

If the UK Government does put restrictions in place for mass gatherings, we expect that any outdoor events under 500 people may continue to run, and as Spring Detectival falls into this category [only just – and maybe not if all the trades are counted – Ed.] we will continue with the event.”

Thus, they are still hanging on ruthlessly to the chance of making a profit and hiding behind future Government announcements rather than doing what is blatantly best for all attendees and their elderly relatives (and the poor, more intelligent PAS staff who certainly wouldn’t want to be there).

Let the Government and the public take note.



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