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Here’s the AA Members’ outing to Stonehenge on Easter Saturday, 1899. Today they’ve mounted a second outing. This time it doesn’t involve a visit, it comprises the “outing” of the tunnel scheme as unviable!

“The aftermath of the Covid-19 crisis will transform the way we live, work and travel in the UK, the AA says. It predicts a permanent reduction in the demand for travel because people have learned during the crisis to use home-working technology. The implications are profound for commuters and for government finances.”

Prof Greg Marsden of Leeds University’s Transport Studies Unit concurs, saying post-Covid-19 an actual fall in traffic is likely and that the number of peak-hour commuter journeys was already falling before the crisis.

So hopefully, given that the National Audit Office had already expressed damning misgivings about the scheme’s “value for money” even before the current crisis, it may be that this intervention from the AA – a body that has been the champion of the Government’s road expansion plans – will be the final straw. Easter Saturday 2020 could go down as a very good day for the Stonehenge World Heritage Landscape.


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