Dear Fellow Landowners,

For 6 long years I’ve wondered why no-one turned up to my rally!


Now I know why. It was because it was based on the Surrey County Council Premise which says “all finds will remain the property of the owner”. A question on the Detecting Wales forum, “Would you still detect a site where the owner wants everything?” revealed that detectorists DON’T like that at all:

  • “I see no point in dragging myself around an almost empty farm for absolutely nothing.”
  • “if you was finding a lot of low value items on said farm I would say yea go back but if everything your finding he wants then seems like many wasted days to me. Its never a good idea to broadcast everything you find …”
  • “If he wants all the finds to date and into perpetuity it’d be a ‘no thanks’ from me. What’s the point.”
  • “I’ve heard this sort of situation crop up before and it never ends well. Cut your loses and get out.”

It seems that if you mention the Surrey County Council Premise you won’t see them for dust. Only archaeologists, amateur or professional, accept it.

Silas Brown,
Grunters Hollow,


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