Dear Fellow Landowners,

Please beware of “metal detecting for charity” approaches. (Gwent Detecting Club make much of it and say they’ve raised £53,000, but on examination that’s their total since 2010 at a rate of only 66p a week per member!)

Most clubs make similar claims (and you may be hearing from them quite soon – they’ve asked the Government to let them re-start within weeks). So if you get someone at your door saying they’re there “for charity” and “to enrich the nation’s knowledge” may I suggest you say:

OK, but I’d like £20 each for charity before you start, plus all the finds (as they’re mine). I’ll report them to PAS and then sell them on EBay to raise still more money for your charity.

I suspect you’ll hear no more.


Stay safe,

Silas Brown
Grunters Hollow



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