Highways England’s gloriously named Derek Parody has just used four powerful trigger words to convince the public that the Stonehenge World Heritage landscape is safe:

“The World Heritage Site around Stonehenge is a heritage site of national and international importance. We want to ensure that archaeological remains are preserved and recorded, in advance of scheme construction, by commissioning appropriate archaeological expertise,” says Highways England project director Derek Parody. “Throughout this project we have been working closely with the country’s heritage bodies and a Scientific Committee of eminent archaeological experts to ensure the scheme will conserve and enhance the World Heritage Site, and this will continue throughout the archaeological investigations and the construction process.”

Highways England has gained a reputation for untrue Trumpian superlatives. No-one fair minded can believe that driving a new four-lane dual carriageway across a mile of Europe’s richest prehistoric landscape against UNESCO’s wishes will preserve, record, conserve or enhance it.


Another long lens visual fib giving an entirely false impression of the reality at the stones. If the pictures are dishonest why would the words be different?