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Following our article highlighting Highways England’s use of trigger words, our regular contributor, paulintheswimhotmailcom has submitted the following compelling further analysis of their deceitful behaviour:


I think it’s deceitful of Highways England to claim they have the support of “a Scientific Committee of eminent archaeological experts” when they know full well that there is a consortium of 22 world-class archaeologists (headed up by Mike Parker Pearson) who are against the current tunnel scheme. So too are UNESCO, ICOMOS, Stonehenge Alliance, CPRE, FOE, CBT, Council for British Archaeology and over 63,000 people who have now signed the two petitions against the tunnel (one for the UK and one for overseas).

Furthermore, Mike Parker Pearson and his colleagues have asked for 100% sieve-rate (the gold standard) in sensitive archaeological areas but Highways England aren’t willing to do anything like that “on cost grounds”. It is very apparent that they aren’t willing to build the tunnel to the archaeological standards that the experts are asking for as they just want to do it on the cheap.

However, Highways England are correct in claiming they have the support of “the country’s heritage bodies” as these are English Heritage, Historic England and National Trust. And these three organisations are willing to let serious damage be done to Blick Mead, the western burial grounds and other areas of this World Heritage Site in order to further their own interests in Stonehenge (which they own and make a lot of money from).

They are all trying to con the public, and the decision makers, into thinking the tunnel is a historical improvement when the reality is that it will be very damaging to the wider Stonehenge landscape.

It’s just deceit and hypocrisy!


June 2020

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