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Hurrah, the Portable Antiquities Scheme has logged 1.5 million records over 23 years! But (on the basis of finds rates calculated not by us but by the EH/CBA Report, the Connolly Report, the detectorists’ own Kevmar Report and broadly by PAS) detectorists are currently finding 800,000 recordable artefacts each year! Shouldn’t PAS be asking why so few of those aren’t reported?

Trouble is, pulling its punches has been a defining characteristic of PAS from the start because continued funding is seen as needing continuing success (the Darwinian Quango Survival dance as we have previously dubbed it).

This week that process was particularly visible. The Government announced the return of massive commercial detecting rallies (which everyone knows are horribly damaging and a stain on our international reputation). Yet what was PAS’s reaction: not a peep. Which meant it wasn’t just PAS jubilating this week!


Cheers! Verbatim quote today: “1.5 million recorded finds and some blinkered people still want to ban the hobby. Can’t they understand the benefits.  No, they just want irresponsible scruffs to be forced to report what they find, which VASTLY exceeds 1.5 million, see?


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