Renewed in chalk ten months ago, the Giant has remained in readiness to mark 100 years of the National Trust owning and caring for the site today. Sadly the pandemic has ensured there will be no celebration as planned by the National Trust.

This occasion should not be allowed to pass as silently as the charity’s acquisition of the Giant on 23rd July 1920, for this gift from Alexander and George Pitt-Rivers didn’t feature in the press until the following June. Even then it only featured amidst a long list of the charity’s acquisitions, in small print on page 10 of The Times.

There were no headlines or commentary in 1920, because the Giant had yet to gain its modern reputation. This reputation is now reflected in the popularity of distinguishing artwork as well as regular attention by the media, proving a measure of success and engagement that is entirely due to the public interest generated under the charity’s management. Today then is a very happy anniversary indeed.

Brian Edwards
Visiting Research Fellow
The Regional History Centre
UWE, Bristol.