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The last AGM was in 2017 when their Chairman used the proxy votes entrusted to him to cast them to keep trail hunting on Trust land for another 3 years, until the 2020 AGM. But that has just been canceled, ending expectations that with opposition to trail hunting having grown so high no amount of management tinkering would have prevented a vote to end it.

But here’s a funny thing:

The Trust has just said about the cancellation: “The temporary constitutional changes required have all been agreed with the Charity Commission and are supported by the National Trust Council” and in the very next sentence “There is currently no provision within the Trust’s constitution for an online AGM so this was not an option.

Hmmm. Leopard. Spots. We bet there’s nothing in the Constitution precluding the AGM being held online!



The above should not be taken as a criticism of NT’s highly dedicated staff, only of their senior management. We should also like to express sympathy for the many staff members who are to be made redundant. (They will have reflected that holding an online AGM this year rather than an actual one next year would have saved enough money to pay the salaries of several of them!)




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