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If those who support it (who also happen to be archaeologists – people normally renowned for sober, balanced judgment and equitable presentation of the evidence) are offering advice like this to the lay public you can be confident they’re pretty sure the game’s up:

“If you do write to your MP about this, check the facts first. A prehistoric landscape will not be bulldozed (it’s a tunnel underneath the landscape, and where it’s not tunnel it will be excavated ahead of the bulldozers)”

A large section of the world heritage prehistoric landscape (10.75 acres of it, five and a half football pitches) WILL be bulldozed, to a depth that will destroy every speck of ancient archaeology – and it won’t be just a couple of bulldozers, there’ll be dozens of them, working day and night for many weeks. As for “it will be excavated ahead of the bulldozers”, even Highways England admits they’ll only fully investigate a very small proportion of the area they’ll destroy.

So by all means write to your MP, (you can do it here) but make sure you give them those plain facts, plus this additional one: every one of those four million cubic feet of bulldozing of the archaeological levels is opposed by UNESCO!


A prehistoric landscape will not be bulldozed” Really? The area of prehistoric landscape they intend to excavate is about one hundred times larger than the one illustrated above!


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