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There won’t be anything in the path of the road as they’ll check. And if there is they’ll simply divert the road round it. Or else they’ll preserve it “by record”. Well, if you think it would be OK to preserve it by record you might as well campaign for the road to go straight through the stones, as those could be preserved by record too. And if you think they’ll divert the road round something important we have a large bridge you can buy.

Of course, it doesn’t matter, they say. They’ll find nothing of note because they’ve used Lidar and test drilling and KNOW they won’t. Lucky that: a nearly-straight road through the richest prehistoric landscape in Europe won’t cut through anything of note! See? It all sounds like the output of the Highways England PR Department, not a Professor of  Spatial Probability and Logic.

Anyway, here’s an image from the recent construction of a Brexit lorry park in Ashford, Kent. Those stones (perhaps a Saxon wall) were invisible until recently. But then the bulldozers exposed them. Now they’re very visible.



We can just about believe a Saxon wall like that won’t turn up at Stonehenge but equally we’re confident that when Highways England’s “kindly bulldozers” get to work a catastrophic quantity of significant archaeology, comprising a crucial part of human history, WILL be destroyed. But it’s up to you, Dear Reader. You can believe what logic suggests or you can believe Highways England’s PR Department


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