We’re pleased to find that in 2015 sarsen expert, Archaeologist Katy Whitaker used experimental Archaeology to see if there may once have been a gleam! She “dressed” some sarsen and said it was still “gleaming” two years later (and also described them as “gleaming white”).

Fantastic, although our own 2012 experiment, (see our recent post,) differed in that we polished our sarsen, something she doesn’t mention doing. That may explain why hers “gleamed white” whereas ours gleamed due to a mirror-like effect.

Here are 2 more images of our result. We could speculate our gleam would weather away very quickly whereas Ms Whitaker’s may have lasted for many years or even millennia but we can’t confirm if that’s so as we’ve lost our bit!  :>(


Polished sarsen gleaming in the sun


… and even more following rain!