They’ve written to their Members with a warning that a rival organisation

“states that they intend to become “a recognised membership body which is able to set and monitor standards of metal detecting”. We believe the AoD is a threat because there are individuals who manage and run it who have publicly stated that restrictions on our hobby are needed. So would you want the AoD to set and monitor standards of metal detecting?

Oh, the horror! Ethical standards! This reaction will surprise no-one for over the years they have 1.) opposed and threatened strike action whenever previous reforms were proposed 2.) instructed members to boycott OUR attempt to form an association of responsible detectorists and 3.) most telling of all, refused to sign the (very mild) official Responsibility Code!

What will it take and how much damage must happen before PAS and archaeologists admit the truth? If even its national association quacks like a duck it’s not right to tell parliament and the public it’s not a duck.


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