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“A new national disgrace” is the only way to describe this joint letter to the Guardian in 2017 by the leaders of three supposedly conservation bodies:


(1.) They say “the A303 continues to cut through the world heritage site, making exploration of two-thirds of the site unsafe, causing pollution and damaging the ancient landscape”. Yet pollution won’t be reduced one iota by the scheme, and the only new damage to the ancient landscape will be the massive new damage caused by the scheme they are promoting! As for the A303 bisecting the site making exploration of two-thirds of it “unsafe”:  their solution, it turns out, is to build massive new “green bridges” over a new road to connect the two halves of the landscape – when everyone can see that a couple of pedestrian tunnels under the existing carriageway would work just as well, be cheaper, simpler and far less obtrusive and destructive!

(2.) Then there’s the picture that accompanies the letter. It’s Visual Fib No 8 for it shows just 4 vehicles, but looking massive, and Stonehenge looming unrealistically close. Was that effect deliberately achieved by taking the picture from the very edge of the road and with the camera on the ground (see the blurred grass)? Should the authors of the letter have disowned the image as misleading, either before or after its publication?



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